Secret for letting you have sensory freedom

It features with distinct wood grain, natural texture and splendid luster. And it presents admirable distinctive visual effect under different light and perspective. All the panels including the visible or invisible parts are adopted with consistently supreme quality materials.


Secret for free breathing

From raw material selection, production, assembly to packaging, every step is the representation of humanized concept. The imported panels with European E1 environmental protection standard include the advantages of health and environmental protection, pungent odorlessness, and low formaldehyde content. The E1 standard edge banding reveals outstanding adhesion property and well trimmed interface.  Inside the furniture with eco-friendly material, fish can swim freely as if in the original ecological environment.


The Secret of non-scarring with baking, painting, carving, stroking

With the most world leading laminating technology, the melamine faced furniture can stand against the exterior erosion, abrasion, blemish mark, fire trace, water permeability, oil stain ect. Only the real top line of furniture material can be integrated with eco-friendly characteristic and other practical functions.


Secret for standing on the drawer

The drawer bottom panel with 18mm thickness proves to be remarkably strong. Made with high quality coated cold-rolled steel and equipped with rigid bearing, the drawer runner possesses stubborn power to bear over 10KG weight each of the pair and won’t perform in a shaking status. It is durable so as to be operated well by opening and closing for over 30000 rounds. The beveled design under the runner rail enables the drawer to close automatically from the distance of 5cm. The ABS rollers maintain its smooth movement without noise.


Secret for hanging on the door panel

The hinge of Italian brand SITEM made with high-strength alloy and multi-layer electroplating finish has demonstrated its excellent performance on support strength, surface corrosion prevention, color deviation elimination, oxidation resistance, rust protection, and scratch resistance.

The coaction of the two force design and the adjustable screws makes the connection more reinforced and the stressed position more resilient. With the concavo-convex slot at the end joint position, the hinge can be closely fixed to the panel, easy to assemble and adjust without slippage. The hinge can be ensured to be operated well by opening and closing for over 80000 times.


The Secret of Unimaginable load-bearing

The sofa internal structure with fully solid wood frame and S shaped spring support ensures its firmness and durability. The sponge in use is committed to maintain resilience without deformation for 20 years.

The bed slat with excellent tenacity demonstrates great and reliable heavy loading capacity.We undertake that the mattress will not collapse within 10 years.


Secret of Keeping Bright as New

Strict requirements and standard system are implemented on the processing of material selection, finishing, painting and edge banding. After several steps of inspection program, the solid wood can be ensured to be with steady luster and refined texture, but without dead knots or color deviation. The close-pored finish effect undergone with more then ten steps of painting processing including three times of polishing and two times top coating has enhanced the sense of natural wood. The imported painting for top coating of German brand IDOPA turns out the excellent advantages of strong tinting strength and yellowing resistance. The veneering with the natural American oak and walnut embellished by the international leading checker technique not only ensures the resistance from abrasion, scratching, ageing and high temperature, but also reveals its natural beauty.


Secret of Keeping Free Mood

We have established its humanized standard which is people oriented and customer centered. And we possess self-owned logistic system with large scaled logistics center. The product warranty service is for five years. The after service center will professionally deal with various needs from customers in aspects of queries, complaints, product maintenance or other unexpected circumstances. For example, when the furniture needs to be recombined for display or moved to another position in your house with no need for extra accessories, there will be no service charges occur. When product is delivered to your house, one free service for comprehensive cleaning will be provided.


The Secret of uneasy to crack or deformation

The solid wood material is the imported high-quality beech wood, which is selected from the category with heavy luster, exquisite texture and hard nature. Due to the low moisture content of 8-12%, it is not easy to deform or crack. Its mechanical processing performance is good, which can be embodied on the smooth surface after sanding, tinting and polishing. The plane warping degree is 0.5% and the density is 650-750kg/m3. It also features with the deformation prevention, heavy load capacity, moisture resistance, and long service life.


The Secret of how to let your body feel free

To achieve the comfort and health of body and soul, we have carried out intensive research among 10000 body figures based on ergonomic data to work out the ideal material which comforts human body scientifically and the perfect design which pleases you ergonomically.